BVH Metalarte Josephine Pendant Metalarte Josephine Design
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[Design By 7] Mtalarte Josephine
[Material 5] pvc Carbon steel
[Size(Cm)] H:270 Φ:114
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] 110*100*48
[Packing CBM(m³) 6] 0.35
[Application Space] Public kitchen living room study bedroom toilet hotel interior Bar Restaurant
[Bulb 2] E27 1*60W
[Colo 3] Golden and silver and Pearl White Black
[Accreditation] CE Standard
Be well-known design magazine Wallpaper described as the ten most innovative designer of Jamie Hayon can be said that in recent years the most popular designers, not only for the Spanish government named "young Spanish artist" most can design products, from shoes, furniture, porcelain, sanitary ware to the museum, almost Everything is contained therein. Jamie Hayon and METALARTE in collaboration with the lamp section at present a total of two, respectively is Josephine and ancient classical beauty of the taste of the Funghi two series of said goods also clearly shows its love of classical and natural. Jaime Hayon, think that creativity is not a job, but a way of life, if you don't have your own dream ability, so, welcome you to experience the wonderful dreams Jaime Hayon. The Spanish designer Jaime Hein (Jaime Hayon) is emerging in recent years, the designer, is regarded as one of the new potential. Jaime Hayon just want to do their own type of genius, he has a strong design of explosive force and unique personal style, enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, life is not stiff, optimistic, with the nature and taste, with a strong Spanish traits, let his design is always out of the ordinary, from the unique graffiti illustration, to doll doll design, interior design, and furniture design, can be seen in Jaime Hein (Jaime Hayon) design ability of creative and self style. Jaime Hein (Jaime Hayon) superior design ability let him have outstanding performance in various design fields, including interior design, participation in international exhibitions, and by the Spanish government was one of the Ministry of culture of young Spanish artist most talented. Born in September 4, 1974 in Madrid, studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris, 97 years by Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani dear to Fabrica to study interior and graphic design, in 2004 began independent practice, to his bathroom series became a famous red. Served as design director, works in addition to graphic design and product, also dabbled in art installations and toy. Because of its works to set up a new banner, has won many art organizations invited to lecture and design, such as, earlier even won the Japan Tokyo design week invited to participate in the design and concept of the workshop, and this year won the Spanish Culture in Art Award issued by the.