Flos cicatrices de luxe 5 Pendant Philippe Starck Design
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  • Designer:Flos
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[Design By 7] Philippe Starck
[Material 5] Crystal, cutting leaf paper manual, stainless steel metal base
[Size(Cm)] L: 89 W:19 H:110
[Application Space] Bedroom study of indoor living room hotel
[Colo 3] Crystal clear

By the renowned designer Philippe Starck (Philip Stark) design, simple lines, excellent match any corner of the house, with soft lighting, lighting is also not only beautiful device, is really beautiful.

Philippe Starck1949 was born in Paris, in the Ecole Centrale des Arts Decoratifs is a graduate of, in 1968 set up his own design company, specializing in plastic inflatable forming work? Vinflatable objects? W, in 1972 at the age of 22 that any Pierre Cardin art direction. The next few years designed many nightclubs and restaurants. In 1977~1978 years travelling the world back to Europe after its work was leading the fashion shot to fame. Design style is full of humor and creative, rich user experience of life in a simple and fun way, design concept deeply embedded into the life of him, from the early stages of construction, interior design, product design, even across the foot endemic areas, are fully demonstrated his out of the ordinary talents. Starck never confined their field of design, design Jinke or even the courage to challenge "less is more", the design works Stark is usually models, rich emotion and use quite a unique texture mixing. His works span no out its right, as small as a toothbrush, bench, as large as the entire built landscape, all of his works, is a prolific and innovative design star. Flos was founded in 1962, the same year produced the first several lamps such as: Arco, Relemme, Toio and Taccia, are designed by Achille & Piergiacomo Castiglioni brothers, until today these classic or popular, but also in each big museum of world wide for treasure, this also exactly proved superior to Flos the lamp manufacturing process and design and not because of time constraints and the back curtain, Flos is still in the production of the first of these lamps. After Flos has invited many of the world's well-known designers do with the most perfect, Flos lamps in the modern minimalist appearance, practicality is not to lose the humanity, it also laid the Flos become one of the most indicative of lighting brand in the world. Flos's designers . Flos's designers include: Achille & Piergiacomo Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, JasperMorrison, brother of Konstantin Grcic, Sebastian Wrong, Marcel Wanders... Etc.