BVH Moooi Dandelion Small Floor Lamp Richard Hutten Design
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  • Designer:Moooi
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[Design By 7] Richard Hutten
[Material 5] Steel / aluminum oxide processing
[Size(Cm)] H:130 Φ50
[Packing Ctns/pc] 2
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] shade:69.5*69.5*20
[Application Space] The living room bedroom study hotel
[Bulb 2] E27 1*100W
[Colo 3] silver golden
[Accreditation] CE Standard

Richard Hutten works in 2004, looks like very the blooming dandelions, laser cutting technology in the mold, via a plurality of holes and the projected light, such as dandelion umbrella like scattered in every corner, depicts particularly exciting, imagine the dandelion fluttering in the wind, brings the unrestrained freedom, will that belong to nature through broad feel the home, every day have a feel fresh happy.

In 1967, Richard Hutten was born in Zwollerkerspel, to study industrial design in Holland Eindhoven. Personal design studio was founded in 1991, began to engage in various kinds of different design case, such as furniture, products, exhibition design and interior design. Richard Hutten is the success of international level designers in Holland, while the main representative is Droog Design. In the process of design, Hutten often break through the limit, will not think in a limited began to have a perfect work presented to them. Hutten never afraid of dirty hands, he believes that the use of non conventional materials will be innovation works, the quality and the possibility of innovation. Moooi in the Dutch (He Lanwen) represents the beauty of mean (Mooi add a o is expected to more beautiful), but Moooi something that is not only beautiful, but also with the unique sense of humor of the Dutch, so you will find the Moooi thing as it were very beautiful, but also very interesting. Moooi is founded by Holland designer Marcel Wanders a new home design brands, due Moooi shoe stole the show at the Milan show, the Italian furniture made by B&B Italia? S favor, and invested in Moooi a lot of money, and therefore also in the relationship of cooperation and B&B Italia, let Moooi be the design of brand one of the striking the world. In addition, the success of the Moooi also provides many opportunities for a new generation of designers a platform for the creation of Holland, it also brought out such as: Maarten Baas, Studio Job, Bertjan Pot... Etc. of the new generation of designers, famous works such as: all are from the new generation of design new hand series, Random Light, PaperChandelier Smoke burning.