Flos Skygarden S1 Marcel Wanders (NL)Design
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  • Designer:Flos
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[Design By 7] Marcel Wanders (NL)
[Material 5] resin GlassSteel
[Size(Cm)] MAX H:200 Φ:60
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Application Space] Dining room Club
[Bulb 2] E27 1*100W
[Colo 3] Golden yellow
[Switch] Remote control switch
[Accreditation] CE Standard


Born in 1963 in Holland, south of Amsterdam Boxtel. Wanders is an independent industrial designer, studio in Amsterdam. Graduated from Arnhem Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, in 1988 he began to engage in the landmark design and consulting the relevant work. He is one of a new generation of Holland concept designer in 1990, worked in Droog Design; in 1992 into the design of Consultants Co WAAC's art director Wanders Wonders studio was founded in 1995.
Marcel Wanders won many national and international awards and participated in a number of design exhibition, his design work is currently on display in New York's Museum of contemporary art, Losangeles, Museum of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam Museum, Stedelijk Museum and Vitra design museum. He has the following description "I wanted to create a loving environment for their own works, with enthusiasm, to achieve the most exciting dream.
Skygarden is inspired by Marcel Wanders's old home.
There is a beautiful and ancient plaster ceiling, I called it "my garden in the air". Neither the sun nor need watering, just light warm light, even though I didn't particularly care for it, but it is still beautiful. I was so fond of it, when you want to move to a new home still worry about how to take it with you, I finally decided to hold the tool secretly it will rip away together. Now, with such good historical fragment, secret is hidden in the new house as well as celestial bodies. And I, can share the secrets with friends.
If you can keep the secret for me, maybe I can share with you.