Artemide NESSO Table lamp STRALEN Design






[Design By 7] STRALEN
[Material 5] High temperature resistant PC transparent material
[Size(Cm)] H:22.3 Φ:32
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] 65*33.5*66.5
[Packing CBM(m³) 6] 0.018
[Application Space] The living room bedroom study The hotel office
[Bulb 2] E14 3*60W
[Colo 3] blue
[Accreditation] CE Standard

It resembles a large mushroom, the composition of the line inherited the similarity relation lamp new art development and plant. Nesso adopts injection molding ABS resin lamp holder and acetate fiber cover, the diffuse light more suitable lighting environment, instead of reading. It is a series of production, mainly used in the Boer Georgia in the living room "chat angle", its softness and reassuring shape appears to trigger a social atmosphere (nesso connection is relationship,). American scientist J. Doyle Frith wrote: "super modeling of Nesso, special tone some styles, such as Zhu Hong, violet, tells us we should put plastic as a new tool of expression, and not just with the technical quality and good economic benefits of the new materials". ("today Plastics: a critic views") in 1961 in Bologna established Metro municipal construction firms including six designers, the main face of the municipal engineering design and interior decoration. Nesso is their most famous and successful works in the field of design.