FLOS Splugen Brau Achille Castiglioni (it)Design
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  • Designer:Flos
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[Design By 7] Achille Castiglioni
[Material 5] The forming surface of anode Aluminum spinning process
[Size(Cm)] max H:200 Φ:36
[N.W.(Kg)] 5.2
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] 23.5*23.5*83.5
[Packing CBM(m³) 6] 0.046
[Application Space] Public places to study the living room restaurant
[Bulb 2] E27 1*60W
[Colo 3] shining silver
[Accreditation] CE Standard

FLOS Splugen Brau this lamp hanging Castiglioni brothers for a beer house designed by Splgen Bru, is that the name of bar. Italy FLOS Splugen Brau suspended aluminum surface of the lampshade is like a cocktail shaker and color sense, striped simple, with excellent heat radiation effect. The deep sense of metal corrugated chandelier technology, circular corrugated multi-level silver, collocation and shoot light is collected, showing a glittering streamline net Ze, water lotus like style, fully displayed in your space. Can be used with 100W lights, can satisfy either dining room, bedroom, study, or is the main source of required in the living room. Can be used with 100W lights, can meet the