Scandinavia Lighting PH 5 & PH 50 Floor Lamp Poul Henningsen Design
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[Design By 7] Poul Henningsen
[Material 5] Iron spinning paint quality
[Size(Cm)] H:146 Φ:45
[N.W.(Kg)] 9.6
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] 53.5*53.5*72
[Packing CBM(m³) 6] 0.206
[Application Space] Bar, restaurant, office, bedroom, living room、 Study Room
[Bulb 2] E27 1*100W
[Colo 3] grey

The classic PH-5 lamp on the lamp series from the Danish designer oul Henningsen hand, hence the name of the PH lamp, due to its diameter is about 50cm, so called PH-5. Typical Scandinavian design style, simple and practical. Said the master, "to make a dazzling light very easily when light source, can be a part of the sacrifice. Also making a energy saving lamp also convenient, but you can't ignore is the fact that it will hurt human eyes. So the production is not glare and energy saving lamp is really an art." Secret PH lamp is: all the light source reaches the irradiation zone surface to reflection, refraction of the way, then generates the soft light; through the cover design of peripheral, could not see the light emitting light source from any angle, is a light that never burn the eyes light; design of multi sheet lampshade let edge can overflow part of the light, the whole room environment more integration and coordination, avoid strong contrast of color; compensation to the incandescent lamp spectra, to obtain a pleasant light.

An important feature of the PH lamp is:

1) all light after reflected at least once before reaching the working surface to obtain the lighting effect, soft, uniform, and avoid the sharp shadows;

2) and see the light from any angle can not, so as to avoid glare eyes;

3) to compensate for the incandescent lamp spectrum, in order to obtain the appropriate color.

4) reduced brightness shade edge, and allow some light overflow, avoid indoor lighting contrast is too strong. The aesthetic value of this type of lamp not only has high, and because it is a principle of science from the lighting, and not because of any additional decoration, so the use effect is very good, embodies the distinctive characteristics of Scandinavia industrial design.

It (Poul Henningsen, 1894~1967) profile:

It is a famous designer of Denmark, born U O Delap, known as the design theorist Denmark's most outstanding, learning he had the technical school in Copenhagen and Danish Institute of technology. In 1920, it became the independence of Copenhagen, the architect, in the Chang, he successfully designed several houses, factories and two theater interior. In addition, he has written for several newspapers and periodicals written articles, burlesque, writing poetry for the theater. By his writings can be seen, he is still a sharp social and building critic.

It is famous for in 1924 he design of multi piece shade lamp, this works on display at the Paris International Expo in 1925. To obtain a high evaluation, and won the gold medal, the lamp to obtain "Paris light" reputation. It's life have maintained a "subtle design principles of Paris lamps". This kind of lamps and lanterns later became extremely successful "PH" series of lamps, has sold briskly.