Flos Fuscia 1 Pendant,Achille Castiglioni Design
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  • Designer:Flos
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[Design By 7] Achille Castiglioni
[Material 5] Transparent clear glass
[Size(Cm)] maxH:200 Φ:15.6
[N.W.(Kg)] 1.0
[Packing Ctns/pc] 1
[Packing Size(Cm) 4] 21.5*21.5*47
[Packing CBM(m³) 6] 0.022
[Application Space] Restaurant in public places
[Bulb 2] E14 1*40W
[Colo 3] clear
[Accreditation] CE Standard

Mouth blown glass forming a circle of fog, white sandblast glass bottom, peripheral plus plastic ring, to prevent the collision between the lamp and the lamp design industry veteran Achille Castiglioni works, his life a total of fourteen works of Art Museum collection by MOMA.

Designer Achille Castiglioni was born in Milan, and died in Milan, is the legendary Italy architect and industrial designer. In the design of his career, in fifty-seven years, has created a unique style, express volumes, highly creative products, a wide variety of furniture, lighting, such as exhibition layout, have left Castiglioni browses the footprint, Castiglioni play a very important role in the contemporary design. Achille Castiglioni works in many different materials, different techniques to complete, and with traditional or experimental value appearance, bring inspiration and influence of the world far-reaching.