Kartell 成立于1949年,公司创始人是Giulio Castelli,一个出色的化学工程师,曾经获得过Nobel Natta奖,公司成立之初主要生产塑料制品,比如汽车配件,随后又转向家庭生活用品,实验室用品和灯具。

Kartell很早就大胆革新,采用实验研究和技术研发来生产产品。Kartell 通过不断的研发塑料的多样性,重塑产品的功能和形态,在六十年代就赢得了意大利设计界的认可和国际性的成功。


Kartell 是意大利历史上在国际设计领域中最具创意的品牌
Kartell 产品的共同点是都具有“当代艺术”的特质。
拥有国际知名的设计师 Ron Arad,、Enzo Mari、
Philippe Starck 等组成的强大创意团队。

Kartell History

Kartell was founded in 1949 by Giulio, Castelli, a chemical engineer who graduated gaining the Nobel Natta Award, and started business by producing plastic articles: first of all car accessories, later turning to household goods, laboratory articles and lamps.

The articles produced comply with two challenges pursued by the company:” to introduce plastic to the home” and to replace glass with plastics in the case of laboratory equipment.

Kartell adopted an entirely innovative approach from the very beginning to engineer its articles based on technological research and on design.

Kartell consolidated its identity in the 60s parallel to the international success of the made in Italy design, by continuing to explore the versatility of plastics and to redefine the shapes and functions of its own articles.

The broader production range required a new commercial and distribution strategy. Points of sale were established throughout the world (flagship, shop, and point) dedicated solely to the Kartell product and characterized by an image that is strong and in harmony with the company’s image.

Finally, the Kartell Museum was founded in 1999. the initiative restores to the general public a tangible record of Kartell’s history and is a statement of the company’s vocation for research.
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