louis poulsen

Brand: Denmark
International lighting brands from Denmark, founded in 1874, long operating history, staff since its more than 1000, in France, Germany, Japan, the United States, Hongkong and the Nordic countries have the subsidiary company, over the years the Louis Poulsen actively committed to the vision of art creation, to the innovation of lamp decoration, more is the target of the group of designers constantly strive for elegance appearance, work requirements, and how to use the function perfect collocation, is the most proud of the outstanding advantages, the simple style of the appeal, make Louis Poulsen more immortal, also let it become the international first-class well-known brand.
Denmark lighting manufacturers Louis Poulsen with its "PH" brand names. This classic lamp series from the Danish designer Poul Henningsen hand, hence the name PH lamp, which belongs to the typical Scandinavian design style, simple and practical.
All of the PH lamp has the following mystery: all of the light source irradiation area to reach surface reflection and refraction of the way, then generates the soft light; through the cover design of peripheral, you will not see that from any point of illuminating light source, is a light that never burns your eyes light; design of multi sheet lampshade let edge can overflow part of the light, so that the entire room environment more integration and coordination, avoid strong chiaroscuro; for color compensation to the incandescent lamp spectra, to obtain a pleasant light.
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