After 2009-11-24, many Chinese designers and customers known as the Ipe Cavalli won praise and success in the Visionnaire, this year will be under another series of Streamlined into china. And a luxurious and sexy Visionnaire New Baroque is slightly different, Streamlined design style is more simple, the geometric lines and some symbolic elements fused into highly decorative, but low-key introverted and romantic style.
Streamlined series derived by Ipe in 2003, Cavalli first launched in the designer of France 50's interior designer Jean Royere (Jean Luoyele) greeting and so inspired by the. Jean Royere (Jean Luoyele) set in the French and European modernism wind was all the rage, and plays an important role in the world stage decoration and furniture and interior decoration. The famous twentieth Century 50's popular retro decorative wind, German functionalism influence, and as a design school niche, Jean Royere (Jean Luoyele) use more freestyle, organic shapes, and caught the abstract painting idea and lyrical expressive way to design interior decoration and furniture, make its like entertainment stage, and formed a "high fashion style". See the effect of Streamlined series is thus inspired some of the classic style of foundation.
Today's Streamlined series is no longer limited to the modern style, and lessons in each inspiration and more integrated into the surreal character. The three-dimensional decoration, the bold use of color to become its visual vocabulary, and widely from culture influence on first Century in different periods; avant-garde edge of modern art in the concept, language penetration into the design field, with the Latin relaxed, humorous and surprised, happy life attitude, giving the aesthetic characteristic of Streamlined. At the same time, the brand to insist on the use of Italy unique handicrafts, ensure that every piece of furniture works are permeated with the Apennine Peninsula unique exquisite handicraft traces, and will blend wood, ceramic, metal, textile and other different material from the early Streamlined integrates modern artistic style of classical and modern as one "". Luigi Cavalli chief executive, as IIpe Cavalli said: "we adhere to their own ideas, promote Italy romantic and modern Home Furnishing concept, rather than blindly industrialization; keeping the unique handmade in Italy, to the aesthetic ideas of our unique, Streamlined launched in Chinese can certainly find those curious about life and love. A bosom friend."
About Visionnaire by Ipe Cavalli
Italy has 50 years of history's top luxury furniture manufacturer IPE Cavalli came from its Visionnaire series so far, has received a lot of attention and asked. Its unique style, full of sense of drama and fashion beautiful styling showing a dream yet practical and comfortable home experience. And as early as 50 years ago proposed "the whole idea of living" (home Philosophy) is also known as the brand has been the unique symbol, from the cabinet, sofa, chandeliers and pillows, carpets and other furnishings, all demonstrate the harmony and fun home scene.
Since 1959, IPE Cavalli has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality chair, sofa, to try to continue to meet the needs of the people has increased and more excellence public consumption psychology. In the selection of household products and textile fabrics structure and comfort technology processing, in line with the international well-known designers cooperation and other fields has accumulated rich experience. Constantly consolidate past experience at the same time, continuous innovation, IPE Cavalli brand as the background with 50 years of history, to prove her outstanding imagination. Under the New Gothic style as a representative of the Visionnaire series, dedicated to the design details, to the noble and dynamic metal or glass replaced the traditional cloth and interior soft decoration, the aristocratic style classical deductive incisively and vividly.
Both the Ambilight, clear colorful crystal lamp, noble and refined Neo Gothic style furniture, every Home Furnishing here are refined to let a person gasp in admiration, is art, really dizzying. The design style of IPE Cavalli with its unique talent, showing a strong color contrast and full sense of fashion modeling gives us a visual feast.
"I'd rather be our style is said to music or painting works of untitled," the creative director - across the field of fashion, art, visual Samuel Mazza (Samuele Mazza) said, "because those who are scholars and critics clearly defined style we don't belong to any home design history out landmark." It is precisely because Samuel Mazza unique life and traveled in the fashion art field experience with Visionnaire specific "vocabulary" - magical and imaginative detail processing, multiple material touch and colour and lustre, endowed with rich annotation of "home".
In Europe to experience the Bauhaus and minimalist Home Furnishing wind this for decades, Visionnaire with its comfortable and decorative both style has been enduring, and has a group of loyal customers. At the same time, several iconic design it is timeless, and experts known as the "eternal classic".
Samuel Mazza said he often with "Peterpan complex", the design of sheet metal chandeliers, high backed chairs reveals its full of innocence and a powerful and unconstrained style of creativity. "The emotion is the most important element in the design of we pour, also we strive to express the theme." Samuel Mazza explained, "the influence of Religion Infiltration, lords, castles, knights and the court etiquette and so on European culture, which is also my son put an important part of age of fantasy, so also in my design inevitably reflected."
So far, Visionnaire insisted their products produced from Italy in 100%, severe and process and details of the processing sophisticated to present its overall Home Furnishing philosophy and European quality of life.
About Ipe Cavalli
Since 1958, IPE Cavalli has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of high quality chair, sofa, to try to continue to meet the needs of the people has increased and more refine on the public consumption psychology. The use of IPE Cavalli products, not only make your living environment immediately take on an altogether new aspect, bring home life comfortable, pleasant to your feelings, but because it was the unique design style, to bring you a strong color contrast and full of fashion sense feelings are those in the furniture market in large quantities for sale or dull ordinary furniture products incomparable. IPE Cavalli in more than fifty countries worldwide market share, its four product series with four unique brand naming.
Visionnaire series advocate fashion essence and fascinating concepts; (in China Beijing / Shanghai available)
Streamlined series the pursuit of classical ideas and simple form;
Contemporary classic series of highly exotic, the use of natural color and minimalist appearance into full play;
Grand Tour series is full of dynamic fashion and masculine color.
IPE Cavalli since its inception has been 50 years of history, in the selection Home Furnishing products and textile fabrics structure and comfort technology processing, in collaboration with international famous designer and other fields has accumulated rich experience. And IPE Cavalli, to consolidate the past experience at the same time, continue to develop innovative ideas growing. Since the family business of three generations, and they continue to absorb new information, with highly skilled technical and rich experience, Huisa enthusiasm and creativity Everfount classic!