Stockholm design studio #Design House Stockholm# was founded in 1992, is a build-up of the Nordic design elite and rookie of the company, so there is a "new European design center," said. There are currently more than 30 designers will design products through its launch, its designers Harri Koskinen, Lena Bergatrom, Magnus Lofgren, Marianne Abelsson, Marie-Louise Hellgren, Nina Jobs, Rolf sinnemark Design House Stockholm, one of the most important work is to choose the design works chosen to commercialization, to become "The mirrow of the best Scandinavian design". With Finland designer Harri Koskinen cooperation "ice lamp", got very good reviews in the world, also received many design awards.
Known as the Nordic design classic "ice lamp", is an important work in the history of human design, fully displayed the perfect glass technology, changes in light and creative fusion of Turing, present lighting warmth in the ice, a strong contrast, let a person forget.
Designer Harri Koskinen works because the spring into fame, was born in 1970 in Karstula in Finland, is a young and talented designers, when he was Helsinki University of art and design students, with a sketch of Sweden's Design House Stockholm to find the company, although at the time of the concept have made Design House Stockholm founder Anders Fardig be startled at, but in order to make this work, but also the flower of unimaginable time.
The entire production is pouring, and after a long time of the cooling process, so as to ensure that in the face of rapid changes in temperature, does not produce turtle fierce phenomenon. Thick glass, not only to clear, but also have the ice crack feeling, but also can withstand the bulb temperature is not hot, only from the glass with slightly warm. These requirements are a major challenge for the production. But the proportion is more important, long, wide, high proportion of be just perfect, to present the strength beauty. The forging process through a "painful" but "sweet", the final appearance of ice lamp finally was born in 1997, as expected, ask a city on the rock, winning numerous.
Design House Stockholm will continue designing the goods good, high-quality home life style by passing the Nordic design works. Design House Stockholm hopes to create a "necessary, beautiful, unique design forum", a high quality of life activities and the production of the same concept. They convey to people "truly interested in design, with the hope that the commitments and agreed to share the Nordic design" of the world. With this attitude, Design House Stockholm to attract numerous outstanding designers, whether or not you have the design department of the world famous designers or newborn calf of the students, all hope of works can be favored; every year the Design House Stockholm President Anders Faardig will meet with design rookie potential, discuss its fresh creativity and to me, "never need what kind of product or even a design, I just watched them came in, with a design full of surprises!". Thus Design House Stockholm works not only attractive, the range is quite wide: the garden chairs, glass products, candle holders, mugs, shopping bag, picnic bag, and the most famous ice lamp etc.. Their products all over the world, renowned Museum and the famous Home Furnishing boutiques, such as the New York Museum of modern Habitat, Conran Shop, Design House Stockholm products can all see. In addition, Design House Stockholm and other design center design and brand cooperation, help them to brand development, will be designed to every corner of the world.